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Engineering Class


Design and installation of engineered water solutions!

Acumen Engineering is committed to meet Customer requirements by supplying Innovative Engineered water Solutions, with the aim of Adding Value to the Total Operation.

We specialise in Industrial, Process, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Automation, Civil and Draughting Design as well as Contracts & Project Management, Troubleshooting and Consulting.

We offer engineered water Solutions to the following Industries: Water, Waste Water Clarification, Industrial Sector, Mining, Automotive, Refinery Process, Agricultural, Food & Beverage, and Domestic Sector.

We have extensive experience in the following Technology fields: Clarification, Particulate Filtration, Nominal & Absolute Filtration, Bio-Filtration, Micro-Filtration, Ultra-Filtration, Nano-Filtration, Reverse Osmoses, De-Salination, Disinfection and water conditioning.

Design and installation of engineered water solutions!

Product offering
  • Clarifiers

  • DM Filters

  • GAC Filters

  • Particle Filters

  • Disinfection systems

  • Membrane Systems

  • Conditioning Systems

  • Electro Chemical systems

Engineering Tools

 Retrofitted Designs

As a client needs changes in term of plant capacity and technology, AE can do a needs analysis to determine the best possible solution for the client. Current plant equipment can be incorporated as far as possible and new technology installed as required.   

Turn-Key Solutions:

AE has a holistic approach in all our services. We strive to have a long turn relationship with clients, from the supply of chemicals, maintaining equipment, installing of new equipment to the point where the operation of the plant can be managed for the client. This ensures minimum down time and constant production to the client.

Troubleshooting and Consultation

When operating systems do not perform up to the client needs and expectations, AE will use our team of experts to solve the problem. This can involve changing the order of unit processes to ensure proper, fluent operation. A small change in the operating plant can save time and money.   



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