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Acumen Hygiene is a Group Solution Consulting and Chemical Partner Manufacturing Company. Attention to detail and dedication to product and service excellence form an essential part of the Acumen Group’s mission.


Acumen Hygiene is a market leader of chemicals, environmental and water solutions, accessories and associated services from Hospitals to Agricultural industry and has a national coverage throughout Southern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa and has appointed distributors in all Strategic places. 


Acumen Hygiene supplies hygiene solutions primarily to the Food Processing, Retail, Animal Health, Human Health, Mining, Hospitality, and Catering Industries. These solutions include products, equipment, in-field technical support and training.


Our philosophy is to work in partnership with our clients, to provide a total service of needs analysis, product formulation and testing. Technical support that adds up to an efficient and cost-effective hygiene solution that works for you.


By the end of 2020, Acumen Hygiene will be the hygiene solution company of choice in South Africa. At that point, it will be the company of preference for HYGIENE in all sectors that offers a service culture that is unique in South Africa, is correctly resourced, and that develops a harmonious and pleasant customer experience for all.


To create sustainable value by focusing on the provision of world class consultancy, training, chemical supply and installation of ACUMEN HYGIENE products. To satisfy customer hygiene needs at affordable cost, while embracing sound Corporate Governance that will assist the company to build and maintain a comprehensive culture.

  • Retail

  • Food Service

  • Catering

  • Food Processing

  • Mining & Industrial

  • Agri - Poultry

  • Hospitality

  • Retail

  • Hospitals

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Hygiene Products


Juno - Fumigation


•Protein & Fat Removers

•Disinfectatns / Sanitizers

• Hand Cleaners / Soaps

•Barriers Creams

•Floor Care Produtcts

• Generral Purpose Cleaners

• Laundry Powders & Liquids

• Anti Bac Shower Gels

• Liquid Bacteria for Potable Water & Effluent Water Treatments

• Handheld Chlornitors

•Drum Chlorinators

•Test Equipment (ORP, pH, FAC etc.)

Personal Hygiene

•CIP Verifications

• Processs Analysis

•Findings Report

Customer Service




Office – 012 653 0134

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30 Falcon Lane,

Lanseria Corporate Estate,



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