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In this day and age, we are faced with an ever-decreasing quality of our raw water; the worsening quality and the contamination of our precious resources puts a lot of pressure on potable water production. 


Water Treatment plants (WTP's) face an array of challenges, and maintaining water compliance standards have never been so demanding. In the Acumen Potable & Disinfection division, we can assist WTP's by applying the right product at the right price while ensuring quality water production.


We provide our clients with peace of mind. We do not merely supply products but prefer visiting sites and establishing the water quality by doing a disinfection demand test/jar test and testing the water. Our aim within the Acumen Potable & Disinfection division is to first understand the requirements of our clients in-depth before prescribing the solution/product. 

Our product offering includes:

Water Treatment Chemicals



•pH Corrections

• Speciality Chemicals

• Formulations

•NSF Certifications

Juno - Chlorine Dioxide Generators

• Juno - Small (0 - 100 g/hr)

• Juno - Midi (100 - 500g/hr)

• Juno - Large (500 - 5000 g/hr)

• Juno - WTP (5 -  20 kg/hr)


Juno - Fumigation


Juno -  Ready2Use

•Component A & B


R2U - Solutions

•Juno - Dosing Skids

•RTU Dosing units

•Dosing Pumps

•DAF Units

•Flock Makeup Units

•Sludge Dewatering Units

•In-line Mixing Units

•Flow Meters

•Level Control Systems

•pH Control System

•Water Testing Equipment

•Operator and Management training Services

•On-sight Plant Surveys

•On-Sight Testing 

•Insight Full management of operations of effluent plants

May we assist you in understanding your Potable & Disinfection needs and helping you in realizing the treatment that makes a difference. 



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