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Our vision is to become the best supplier of process control solutions in the various industries that is available for our products and skills.

The division has been successful in the sales of process instrumentation to various customers throughout Southern Africa.

We import our equipment directly from overseas suppliers, so the prices are very competitive in the marketplace.

The Acumen Process division do full automation from PLC and SCADA level to all kinds of Field instrumentation and various applications.

1.  cR

2.  Level Switches

  • Float Level Switches

  • Conductive Level Switches

  • Magnetic Coupling Level Switches

  • Magnetic Tracking Level Switches

  • Vibrating Fork Level Switches

  • Vibrating Rod Level Switches

  • Rotary Paddle Level Switches

  • RF- Capacitance Level Switche

3. Pressure switches and transmitters: Gauge and Absolute transmitters.


4. Signal Processing units: Temperature controllers, temperature probes.


5. System components; Power supplies; Loop indicators; Intrinsically safe power supplies; loop indicators etc.

Nivelco Level Equipment
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1.1 to 4 Channel transmitters/controllers for: Ph, ORP, Free chlorine, Chlorine dioxide; Conductivity, Hydrogen peroxide, Turbidity; ozone

2. Sensors/Probes for: Ph, ORP, Free chlorine, Chlorine dioxide; Conductivity, Hydrogen peroxide, Turbidity; Ozone

3. Various flow cells for the analytical sensors.

Dosatronic Analytical Equipment
Engineering Tools

 A full range of dosing pumps for all industries. From low to high flowrates. The customer also have a choice of analog or digital pumps. The option of Modbus communications can also be ordered.

Enelsa Dosing Pumps

Specialises in Magnetic flowmeters with various options for the outputs: RS485,4-20Ma, Pulse and Pulse for BATCH control, TCP/IP, Modbus, GPRS/SMS, Bluetooth, WI-FI etc.


Remote and compact units is available for various size meters and the units can also be ordered with various kind of liners for various applications.


A full range of battery powered magnetic flowmeters is available with a battery life of up to 10 years.

The flowmeters can also be ordered with Custody transfer options.

ARKON Flowmeters
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In line with the divisions’ vision we strive to give excellent service.

This done by being able to supply a complete solution to the customer-from measurement to control and having process data available at the customers fingertips if he so wishes. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority which implies prompt and complete solutions for the customer.       



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