Satellite-Based Infrastructure Intelligence

Risk prevention for roads, railways, dams, levees, property, mining operations

Solution Overview

ASTERRA Earthworks supports risk and disaster prevention efforts by detecting and analyzing underground soil moisture wherever it may predict or potentially cause critical infrastructure to fail. As a satellite-based solution, EarthWorks can assess up to 40 linear miles and 1,400 sq miles (64 km and 3600 sq km) at once, bringing significantly greater efficiency to maintaining the resilience of infrastructure that protects lives, property, and the environment.

From a 390-mile orbit, EarthWorks detects soil moisture using synthetic aperture radar (SAR) to peer up to 10 feet (3m) below the surface, thus avoiding the time and cost of ground crews, sensors, complex lab procedures, and the destruction of terrain by gathering samples. EarthWorks assessments are easily repeated at chosen intervals to show changes over time.

The world’s aging infrastructure is now battered repeatedly by the extreme weather of a changing climate, weather it was not built to handle. Today, safe, responsible risk assessment and failure prevention of roads, railways, dams, levees, property, and mining operations require a clear view at all times of underground soil moisture.


Moisture Visualized on EO Discover

Our EO Discover platform is where EarthWorks subscribers will be able to view the colors and contours representing percentages of soil moisture. The data can also be downloaded as sets of GIS (Geographic Information System) files and imported into all major GIS platforms.

EarthWorks: Underground Intelligence Differentiators

EarthWorks is a powerful new tool in the drive to protect human life and property by ensuring the world’s infrastructure is strong and resilient enough to withstand the effects of climate change. It gives engineers and managers the data to find and mitigate risk, keep populations informed, and make informed long-term decisions. It also allows scarce human and financial capital to be used far more efficiently so that more can be devoted to where the needs are greatest.

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