Pipe Deficiency Assessment

Actionable insights on pipeline leaks and deficiencies as a service

Solution Overview

ASTERRA MasterPlan uses a patented algorithm that was developed over five years from thousands of verified leak points within hundreds of satellite passes. By adding deployable pipe deficiency to your asset management plan, MasterPlan provides a valuable level of refinement to pipe replacement planning models or water system master plans. MasterPlan is compatible with all GIS-based asset planning model tools and easily integrates with attribute data such as pipe age, material, and work orders from surfacing leaks.

MasterPlan gives utilities and engineering teams unique data-based insights into their pipes’ actual condition over a far wider area than other technologies can offer. The algorithm scores pipe segments exhibiting non-surfacing leaks and analyzes leak clusters over time. The pipes are scored on a 1 – 5 scale, from a low level of deficiency observed to high levels of deficiency. Planning priorities and response can be established accordingly.environment.

From a 390-mile orbit, EarthWorks detects soil moisture using synthetic aperture radar (SAR) to peer up to 10 feet (3m) below the surface, thus avoiding the time and cost of ground crews, sensors, complex lab procedures, and the destruction of terrain by gathering samples. EarthWorks assessments are easily repeated at chosen intervals to show changes over time.

The world’s aging infrastructure is now battered repeatedly by the extreme weather of a changing climate, weather it was not built to handle. Today, safe, responsible risk assessment and failure prevention of roads, railways, dams, levees, property, and mining operations require a clear view at all times of underground soil moisture.

How MasterPlan Works

  • 1

    Satellite images are acquired

  • 2

    Soil moisture is identified

  • 3

    MasterPlan’s algorithm analyzes the data

  • 4

    Insights can be accessed via subscription on the EO Discover platform

The MasterPlan Differentiators

The unique insights that MasterPlan provides are not available elsewhere. We provide an actual measurement of non-surfacing pipeline leaks — not a predictive analysis. The pipes’ size and composition are immaterial. Because data is collected via satellite, the system is completely non-invasive and has a large coverage area with the ability to analyze the most expansive systems with unmatched speed and efficiency.


  • Potable Water

    As underground pipe systems age, the decay and water loss can stay hidden for years and then present disastrously. With MasterPlan, water industry managers can get visual, data-driven pipe deficiency information of the entire system without breaking any ground. They can develop long-term replacement plans aided by an unprecedented level of infrastructure intelligence and act on problems before they become disasters.

  • Waste Water

    Aging and leaking wastewater pipes are a worldwide problem for both the wastewater industry and its communities. Wastewater contains toxins, pathogens, and other pollutants that leaking pipes can inject unseen into the underground environment, including aquifers. There can also be sizable fines, consent decrees, and other legal consequences.

What's Included

  • 1

    Geographic Information System (GIS) dataset with deficiency levels assigned by Pipe ID

  • 2

    Summary report

  • 3

    Insights can be accessed via subscription on the EO Discover platform

  • 4

    Customer support

Synopsis of Findings

MasterPlan is available in the Advise level of an ASTERRA Recover subscription. MasterPlan provides customers with a synopsis of pipe deficiency monitoring in a fast, affordable, efficient manner. We help customers improve operational efficiency and optimize budgets with infrastructure intelligence that facilitates proactive pipe and planning.

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